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Get all the important technical and design details about our headers here. If you haven't found the answer to your question, feel free to use the contact form.

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How does this work?

You browse our shop of headers. You see something and fall in love. You know its design, colors and typography are perfect exactly as is for your website. So you purchase it, and we tailor it with your site name (or your name, whatever you want as the title) and voila: in 3 business days you have a design miracle to show to the world.

A small tip: if a header shows relatively few words in the title, and your site name is “the longest possible site name in the world” it may not look so nice. We’ll let you know if this is the case.

What does the header customization include?

All of our headers include your site’s “title.” Some of the headers also include an optional tagline if you have it.

If you buy a header that only shows a title in the example, it will not include an additional tagline.

What does “enter your header title” (and subtitle) mean on the add to cart area?

We need to know what your business, site title, or name is that you want to replace the primary title on the header. So if the header title has “Joyful Creative” on it, it’s what would replace that.

Do I have to have a tagline?

It’s optional! Not all our headers include taglines in the design. The tagline is always optional. The header title is always required.

Can you put in a tagline for me into a header design that doesn’t come with one?

What you see is what you get. We purposely designed many of our headers to not have taglines to keep it simpler, more straightforward, and appropriate for the composition of the design.

What is the “sample website layout”?

We put the headers into simple website layout examples so you can visualize how it could look on a site. But this doesn’t mean you have to have this kind of layout on your own website, or follow this layout when you include it on your site. For example, if we show navigation above the header, but your own website has a layout with the navigation below the header area, that’s just fine!

Can my header be used at a printer?

You receive a web-ready PNG file from us, which is at a 72 dpi resolution. What this means is it will not make for a very nice printing output, so we strongly do not recommend using the headers on printed materials.

We do accommodate print needs if you have them and can create matching business cards, letterhead or brochures to match your new header. Send us a note, and we’ll get you a quote.

How long does it take and what is the process like?

After you complete your order, we get sent an email with your details (such as header title, tagline if appropriate, your name, etc).  Please make sure to use a working email address, as this is how we deliver your header to you.

You’ll receive your header within 3 business (week days) days from placing your order. That’s faster than a 8+ -week turnaround for a website redesign! For example, if you place an order on a Friday at noon EST, you’ll receive your header the following Wednesday by noon EST.

Will you change the colors, type style, size for me?

No, our headers are created “as is” so please make sure you are happy with the header’s size (height and width are specified on each header’s page), colors, typographical choices.

Will you install/put up my header for me?

We’re a design-only outfit here but are pleased to be in partnership with ClickWp, who can customize your website to match your new header, and install it for you. By Reese customers receive a special discount when you use a coupon code we provide you (be sure to ask us after your order!)

How many of each header do you sell?

These are limited edition headers. Each header’s information page will tell you how many total we’ll sell, and how many of that total are available left to buy. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, so if you love something, grab it up.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Once we deliver your customized header to you. all sales are final. We can’t get our time back after customizing your header, so we aren’t able to refund your money. Please make sure you want the header you’ll purchase before hitting the buy now button.

Will you sell your headers to any kind of person or type of website?

Alas, no, which is a good thing, so you know exactly where you won’t find these headers. Specifically, we observe the laws of the country where we operate from (Malaysia), which means we cannot sell a header to any businesses or websites that are adult-themed or gambling related. We also reserve the right to refund your money if we aren’t comfortable with having a header on your site. (Chances are, this won’t apply to 99% of the people who come this way, but we want our headers on quality sites with people or small businesses that are professional, kind, trustworthy, and not selling spammy crap).

Can I see any of your other work or clients you’ve worked with?

Sure, We’ve been online a long time. You can check us and our client work out over at Design by Reese.