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Fun and important legal type stuff.

Updated June 20, 2011

Definitions: By Reese is a subsidiary of Spyke Digital Solutions. “You” describes any customer who purchases a By Reese product.

License: The purchase of a by reese header grants you a limited license to use on your specified website domain. It may not be resold, distributed commercially in products of your own for resale (such as derivative works including stationery, merchandise, t-shirts and other physical products, including book covers) without the express written permission of By Reese. The license does not grant the right for use to any other third-party aside from the purchaser (customer). This means no publisher or publication or third-party individual, corporation or publisher may use the By Reese header we sell you in any way, shape, or derivative form.

Refunds: Once your header is purchased, no refunds are given.

File types: The header is supplied to you as a transparent PNG file, or a gif file, or a jpg file, depending on what is most suitable for your header’s design. No Photoshop or Illustrator “raw” files are provided. The original raw files remain the property of By Reese.

Copyright: Copyright of the design of any By Reese header is retained by By Reese/Reese Spykerman. You retain the rights to the information you provide us for use on the header (company name/your name, tagline, etc).

Jurisdiction: Any legal disputes resulting in the purchase of a By Reese header or related inquiries shall be litigated, mediated or arbitrated in the country of Malaysia, which is where the parent company Spyke Digital Solutions is licensed.

Payment: Payment in full is due upon order and is transacted through Paypal. No payment or financial information is processed through or on the by reese servers.

Data: Our system stores your name, your email, and information about your header details (the title, tagline, etc). Absolutely no financial data is kept on our servers. Additionally, we do not share your information to any third-parties. Your privacy is important to us. Unless you manually also opt-in to our promotional mailing list, you will ONLY receive emails from us regarding your order confirmation and delivery of your product.